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Acuaiss Dual Gel 10ml. relieves moderate to severe symptoms of dry eyes, providing a pleasant sensationof freshness and comfort.

This artificial drop comes in gel form with a liquid base and viscoustexture to hydrate the cornea and lubricate contact lenses. The two wetting agents in this formulaare complementary and work together to produce a DUAL EFFECT.

The Hyaluronic acid is able toretain up to 6000 times its weight in water, while hydroxyethyl cellulose is a natural plant-basedthickener, working to form a protective barrier over the surface of the eye and also enhance thestability of the formula.

• In case of acute symptoms of moderate to severe dry eyes, such as itchy eyes, tearing sensation, tiredness and foreign body
• Dryness caused by certain treatments or health conditions
• Dry eye linked to hormonal disorders (such as menopause)
• Lagophthalmos
• Postoperative treatments
• Users of Ortho-K lenses
• Contact lens wearers in general