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Freshlook Dimensions are available in 3 colors: Pacific Blue, Sea Green and Caribbean Aqua, especially made for lighter eyes.

Make your eyes bigger! These lenses have an outer starburst pattern on the lens that gives your eyes a bigger, brighter-and completely natural look.

For Light Eyes only – Enhances the color of light eyes
Freshlook Dimensions
lenses are only available without vision correction.


All colors mentioned are only approximate and may appear different on the eye, depending on your eye color.

Manufacturer: Ciba Vision
Lens Type:
Monthly disposable soft contact lenses
Package Details: 2 lenses immersed in buffered saline solution.
Inside-out indicator: No
Tinted (this helps you find the lens): Yes
UV blocking: Yes
Material and % of content: 45% polymer (phemfilcon A)
Water % of content: 55%