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Liczba soczewek w pudełku: 3 Producent: CooperVision Wyświetl wszystkie produkty od: CooperVision
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Ważny od 01-01-2021 do 30-04-2021

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Szacowana data wysyłki
25 marca 2021 - 30 marca 2021

Proclear Toric XR is a monthly replacement lens for people with astigmatism, available in a wide range of prescriptions. 3-pack.

If you have astigmatism, Proclear Compatibles Toric soft contact lenses offer you unmatched all day comfort and outstanding vision quality. They're especially beneficial if you're one of the majority of lens wearers who experience discomfort or dryness, or if you spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen or in climate-controlled environments.

Proclear Toric is uniquely engineered to provide a higher level of comfort, over a longer period of time, than any other contact lens. By utilising a unique material called Phosphorylcholine, which attracts and holds water molecules, Proclear compatibles Toric retains three times more water than other soft contact lenses. And the more water is retained, the more moist and comfortable the contact lenses remain.

This lens is available in a wide range of prescriptions to fit a variety of vision correction need.

This lens is a made-to-order product (custom product), orders cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged.

Fabrykant CooperVision
Tworzywo Omafilcon A
Przepuszczalność tlenu (Dk/t) 25
Hydrożel silikonowy Nie
Przedłużenie soczewki kontaktowej lub Overnight Wear Nie
Liczba soczewek w opakowaniu 3
Filtr UV Nie
Tryb noszenia i wymiany Monthly (day use)
Zawartośc Wody 62%